Our approach

Our value driven approach is based on understanding the relationship between the business processesapplications and analytics. The value of analytics is its ability to measure a business process by evaluating the “recordings” (application) of this process.


How do we put business value first?

  • By always validating against the business processes.
  • By being aware that applications often not a complete representation of the business process.
  • By advising that analytics should become part of the scope of any project. It is an intrinsic part of an ecosystem, not an afterthought.

How do we define success?

  • That we have improved the understanding of the context of analytics
  • That we have encouraged a willingness to change applications and processes through iterative exploration of data
  • That we cultivate a data analytics mindset of building decision frameworks rather than answering a set of questions
  • That we create awareness that without action (implementation), we have achieved nothing.
  • That we create an appetite to nurture a data culture, and not expect overnight success.



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